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When it is important to retain a yarn with a natural feel and handle, hank dyeing is the preferred route. With our specialised Italian machines, we can offer this service to discerning customers. We successfully dye various high priced yarns, among them being silk and cashmere. When the greater costs can be absorbed in designer quality goods, or where a custom colour is required in small quantities, the method can also be used for lambswool.

Depending on the quality and count of yarn to be dyed, weights from 5 to 30 kilos can be dyed in a single batch, but with our superior colour matching, larger quantities can be dyed in multiple batches. After being dyed, the yarn is dried and then backwound onto plastic or paper cones prior to despatch.

We are interested in speaking to designers, weavers and knitwear manufacturers who would be able to take advantage of this facility.


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