Ettrick Yarn Dyers main business is package dyeing.

In our modern, well-equipped dyehouse using this technology, our electronically controlled pressure dyeing machines produce dyed yarn of the highest quality. We have a wide range of machines giving us a broad range of batch sizes. Thus we can provide single batch sizes from 1 kilo samples to 540 kilo bulk lots, on either traditional 6 inch dyecone or parallel sided packages. Because of our competence in colour matching, we are not limited by the above and multiple batches can be supplied of a single, closely matched colour.

To ensure good levelness and fastness, only the highest quality dyestuffs are used.
All yarn is dried to the correct condition before despatch. We can also offer a service of bleaching, scouring and overdyeing customers yarn.



Riverside Mills, Selkirk, TD7 5EF
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